Tom Miller Studios

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Expert Photo Enhancement & Restoration

~ Meretricious, Methodical & some say Magical ~
Digital Mastery & Artistry at it's Best!

Video Editing & Production

~ From Initial Concept to Expert Planning & Production ~
Leverage Tom's 4 Decades of Directing Expertise!


Whether he is adeptly restoring a time-worn photo, creating inspired graphic designs and illustrations, or skillfully using his computer mouse to paint (an art he pioneered decades ago), the talented Tom Miller is a meticulous and creative genius. 

Tom pours his heart and soul and years of invaluable experience into every project and is dedicated to making sure his clients are 110% happy with the results. More than a masterful artist, Tom is a visionary. His work will both surprise and delight you.

Patricia Spadaro, author of the award-winning book 

Honor Yourself: The Inner Art of Giving and Receiving

About Tom Miller

Tom has always explored the cutting edge of technology to make video production more cost effective. He, along with several others, were among the first artists and producers in Los Angeles to recognize the possibilities that came along with the Commodore Amiga personal computer.


The Amiga was a far less expensive approach to animation and special effects than the Silicon Graphics work stations and...


Tom's Tremendous Variety in Digital Art & Graphic Styles!


There are many styles of art and graphics that can be utilized when painting and creating within the vast digital realms accessible through a computer.

Explore ~~ Have Fun ~~ Don't be discouraged by the immensity of it all!

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