Tom Miller Studios

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Tom has always explored the cutting edge of technology to make video production more cost effective. He, along with several others, were among the first artists and producers in Los Angeles to recognize the possibilities that came along with the Commodore Amiga personal computer. 

The Amiga was a far less expensive approach to animation and special effects than the Silicon Graphics work stations and Cray super computers that were first being used. His career spans almost 40 years of a variety of projects encompassing documentaries, industrials, commercials, book and magazine covers, illustrations, logos, photography, photo reconstruction, portraiture, and digital fine art paintings and video "tone poems".  

Tom is known for going the extra mile for his customers. 

   From Carl A. Duley, University of Wisconsin-Cooperative Extension

"I never dreamed that we would get the quality and impact when I first decided to write the grant. . . Comments concerning the professional look and the clear messages the video portrays are a reflection of your quality and professionalism."

  From Joan Holman, Producer

Tom Miller was the director for my television show "The Legacy of Achievement with Dennis Kimbro" (broadcast on PBS affiliates).  I had a very definite vision for my program. Tom was supportive of me and very easy to work with . . . the thing that is so great is that he is so multitalented . . . he delivered to me what I needed, on time, and for a responsible price."

  Please note: All prices vary considerably based on the project/projects and time involved. All consultations are free.